Sunday, April 26, 2009

wow, it's been a long long time...

just a quick update regarding work. i've recently been promoted to the premium team, whicih means we deal primarily with VIP customers, but when it gets busy, we deal with some domestic calls as well.

i think the new role has made me like my job a little more. a month ago, i would've told you i really hated my job and that i would want to be a stay at home mum instead. obviously the latter isn't an option as i am not married nor do i have kids (no, my puppies dont count!).

but now that i am in the premium team, i'm faced with multiple challenges each day and i am absolutely loving it. i was getting very bored with my old role, seeing that everyday just repeats itself and i was progressing a little faster than a lot of other people as i am a fast learner when i choose to be one.

anyway, the new role also mean dealing with people who knows exactly what they want whichi is usually nice (can be nasty at other times), and also less phone calls each day. less phone calls means no sore or dry throat half way through the day. and VIP calls mean these people either have the moolah *kaching* or it's a trip covered by their company so they do not worry about spending.

and being new in the team, i am very well looked after by my fellow team mates..and being the youngest (i think) is nice too :) everyone in my new team are a few years older than me, so to them, i'm like a little baby sister who is just learning to walk so they are always there for me.

ahh it's nice when a promotion is waved in your face :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

you know how sometimes you feel so certain about something, then you think back to yesteryears and the feeling of being so certain of that something comes crumbling down?

why did i go dig up on the past...?


Sunday, December 21, 2008

it's interesting that i suddenly have the urge to blog. i haven't written a post for quite a while now..probably about a month?

it's funny how so many blogs are starting to die off now!

anyway, i just felt like ranting, hence why i'm blogging =p

i hate working the 6 day week shifts. it's so exhausting, especially when you're at the 4th day and your brain automatically thinks that one more day of work, and days off would be right there. nope. you have to trick your brain into thinking it's only the 3rd day, and that there are 2 more days before i get a break!


i try to sleep early, esp when i have early shifts. i'm usually in bed by around 10pm when i have early starts, but i dont fall asleep till a bit later, resulting in difficulties in waking up in the morning.

it's my 5th day of working today, and i really am just sitting by my desk stoning away.....and when i answer calls, i do them half-heartedly, which is really bad! i try to do the whole positive thingking thing (because i've just been sent away on a positive thinking course), and it works for a little while, then i lose it again.

honestly, i think i'm going crazy and my body cant handle the exhaustion. signs that i'm growing old =(

but work is work. no work, no money, no good. so here's to work, and another 8hours and 6 minutes of today.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

omg i think the whole house-hunting can finally halt right now.
i am SO sick so looking on trademe, searching for new listings on a daily basis, hoping to find somewhere we both like.

to be honest, i am the picky one when it comes to getting a place to stay in. why? because the house has to be fairly new, and obviously must not smell and must look clean as well. especially the kitchen and bathroom. if neither of those look nice, i wont even look further around the house.

so today, the bf went to look at a house that i found on trademe yesterday after searching blindly. we drove there before i started my afternoon shift today and i quite liked it from the outside. for the price they were asking, it seems very decent, compared to all the other places we've looked at.

it's not 100% confirmed that we will be getting that place (even though the owner has said yes), as we haven't signed any official documents and he wants to meet me and junior tomorrow. yes, pets are allowed and the owner seems to like dogs as well =)

once everything has been signed and confirmed for, i will let you all know the details, and that sure calls for a celebration - HOUSE WARMING! yeayaaaa!!

Friday, November 07, 2008

junior is all cuddled up in bed beside me while i'm time-wasting online. he's been pretty goof lately with his toilet habits, esp in our room where he only toilets on the newspaper. but every now and then, there's an accident here and there but i really dont mind that. afterall, he's only 3 months, going on 4 months old.

so since he's been go good with his toilet habits, i've taken it one step further with him by letting him cuddle with us at night before sleeping. he'll usually fall asleep immediately while on the bed with us, and we know this by his litting snores. it's soooo cute =p but anyway, usually about 3-5 hours later, he'll start shuffling around which is his sign to go toilet. so i'll carry him and chuck him onto the floor and he'll go to the newspaper to toilet. he'll then move to either his bed or one of our laundry baskets to fall asleep in till morning comes around.

when his daddy's alarm goes off, he'll wake up, run to my bedside and wait to be picked up to be put back in bed again. he does this without fail EVERY morning, as long as i'm still in bed. he'll jump around in bed for a few minutes, happy to be close to us again, and he'll settle down after a while and go back to sleep, this time in mummy's arms until mummy is ready to wake up.

isn't he a cutie?

he got sick the other day, after eating weird stuff like biltong (dried & preserved meat). he was very very inactive when i woke up, and this is after throwing up twice. he didnt even jump around when i brought food to him like he usually does and that got me WORRIED sick! i quickly called work to see if they could approve annual leave for me so i could take him to the vet and stay home to look after him. all was good so i made an appointment to see the vet that afternoon.

he was diagnosed with some stomach bug thingy, and he got given an injection for antibiotics and i had to starve him for 12 hours -_- that was really really hard coz he seemed so hungry, he went around the house licking and eating everything that he found, be it paper bits, hair or dust bunnies :S but he managed to pull through with some electrolytes that was prescribed to him.

total cost at the vet was nzd$114 for his antibiotics, electrolytes and vet was realllyy expensive, but at least after his injection, he looked happy again and when we got home, he was running around again and that made my day :)

he's still on antibiotics now, but i'm very strict on what he eats and etc - i'm making him plain porridge everyday, and i chuck in a small piece of his chicken treats just to make it a little yummier and he eats everything under 5 minutes, being the glutton that he is!

but apart from that, the vet said he's a very healthy and good looking boy, though a but pudgy on his sides, but do not fret as mummy has come up with the best exercise plan for him - play catch while mummy watches tv =p

so that's pretty much my junior, after being with us for over a month :) he is my bundle of joy, and my little furball spoiled with love!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


feeling kinda drowsy and i keep going to the toilet for "butt piss" which is not exactly pleasant.

when i was prescribed amoxycillin the other day, i wasn't too sure if i was allergic to is. i remember being prescribed an antibiotic last year/ earlier this year and i had the same "butt piss" problems - guess i now am 100% sure that it is amoxycillin. i should really let me doctor know of this so they'll have a record in my file..

took 2 days off work coz i was feeling quite sick. ended up with quite a bad sorethroat on thursday morning, so went to the doctor who said i have a very inflamed throat and there's lots of creamy gunk (ew!) in my throat.

after 2 days of rest, well..sorta (it's hard to rest while looking after a puppy coz he doesnt understand why i'm in bed all day), i still am feeling crap. worst is having to wake up early this morning to come to work.

starring at the screen makes me go all woozy. this sucks. i wanna go home :(
lucky i have 3 days off from today onwards!

Monday, September 29, 2008

my little baby's sleeping while i'm watching the mummy: the tomb of the gradon emperor, and blogging at the same time.

everytime my baby makes the slightest movement, i'll turn to look in his direction..andi'm SO tempted to pick him up to cuddle him while he sleeps. i have a great feeling that this baby of mine will be extremely spoilt!!

but he's worth all that i have!!

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